Strategic Alliances

Trad Solutions has Strategic Alliances with over 60 partners to help you find the best solution.

We have developed a large ecosystem of Service Providers enabling us to be vendor neutral. We work with hundreds of carriers, have contracts with over 60 service providers and hold secure, audit-ready relationships with a global footprint of over 500 Tier-3 data centers. Couple this with Trad’s trusted advisor approach, and you have the security and expertise to optimize your communications and computing strategy.

Trad Solutions Inc

Trad Solutions, Inc. is a Dallas based provider of Telecommunications Carrier Services to medium and large business clients. We serve clients by optimizing their carrier options and products through a single source approach while saving the customer up to 6 months of legwork and an average of 80 hours of meeting time with each individual carrier.


1747 Mustang Trail Frisco, TX 75033
Phone: (214) 674-0010