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Trad Solutions Process

Trad Solutions is a team of industry experts with the purpose of helping large corporations navigate the complex nature of telecommunications with the most cost effective and transparent resources. Our goal is to help you maximize the industry for your advantage from initial strategy and implementation to service maintenance and continual improvement.

Ecosystem of Providers

Trad Solutions has developed a vast community of Service Providers making us vendor neutral. This strategy along with Trad’s trusted advisor approach ensures you have the security and expertise to optimize your communications and computing strategy. We will help you make the best selections by evaluating your current position, strategizing the ideal short- and long-term game plans, and taking the lead by transitioning your business through each phase into its long-term, optimal state.

NOC Services

Trad Solutions’s customers have access to 24x7x365 Network Operations Center, and we offer your choice of proactive or reactive issue response for your voice and data services. Trad Solutions NOC Techs will analyze and resolve issues, ensuring airtight communication with site technicians to track problems through resolution and maintain positive relationships with service providers.

Project Management

Trad Solution has an all-star team of professional and experienced Project Managers to walk your project through to completion. Every step of the project is transparently discussed in advance with predetermined objectives and then achieved with attentive supervision. Our detailed reporting allows you to see with a holistic view the inner workings of the carriers as your orders are fulfilled.

Custom Tools

Take advantage of unlimited opportunities with custom tools, reports and products.

We are committed to providing the highest quality for each of our clients, no matter the need. Our tool box of customized solutions provides every angle of support in crucial areas that influence your business’ success, effectiveness and profitability.

Ask your Trad Solution advisor for more details.

Cloud Services

Trad Solutions’s trusted advisor approach, in tandem with our highly secure and audit-ready environment, offers an optimized solution for your data center and cloud strategy. We assess your current state and help you determine the best course of action for interim and permanent solutions. We are committed to the successful transition of your business from its current to target state.

Contact Center

Technology is our expertise and we use it to create a unique customer experience for each of our clients, working with you to fulfill your goals. Our solutions improve and heighten your customer service operations.

Contact Center Objectives:

  • Maintain consistency on 100% of your interactions
  • Real time response & monitoring of critical events & validation
  • Secure customer satisfaction via quality and consistent engagement
  • Unified technology platforms and sites
  • Increase productivity while reducing costs
  • Capture, analyze & respond to social media interactions

Streamlined Contact Center Solutions:

  • Improved technology
  • Advanced solutions improving productivity
  • Enhanced CTI and visibility

Proactive MMS

Trad Solutions Monitoring & Management Services give you confidence for every angle of your network. 

Any sign of trouble automatically alerts the 24/7 Trad Solutions Network Operations Center, initializing our carrier capacity and operational support opportunities.

Satisfaction Guaranteed


Receive quality support and solutions that benefit your business’ performance.

We are a one stop shop for all of your company’s telecommunication needs. Our team of industry experts and quality relationships with dozens of service providers makes us the best in the business. With Trad Solutions, Inc., you’re in good hands.

Trad Solutions Inc

Trad Solutions, Inc. is a Dallas based provider of Telecommunications Carrier Services to medium and large business clients. We serve clients by optimizing their carrier options and products through a single source approach while saving the customer up to 6 months of legwork and an average of 80 hours of meeting time with each individual carrier.


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